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Know your facts. There is a difference between DUI and DWI and the charges you receive depend on a variety of factors. DUI stands for ‘Driving Under the Influence’, while DWI means either ‘Driving While Intoxicated’ or ‘Driving While Impaired’. They are both serious charges that relate not only to alcohol, but also recreational and prescription drugs.

Some states use the terms interchangeably while others use DWI specifically for offenses involving alcohol and DUI for either alcohol or drugs. It can be confusing and it is worth asking for clarification on exactly which offense you are being charged with and why as this can impact the outcome of your case.

In Tennessee, DWI used to be recognized as a separate, less serious offense than DUI. DWI was not usually punishable by jail time and simply carried a fixed fine and license suspension. However, Tennesse has now abolished the offense of DWI for drivers ages 21 and over.

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